My March Stitch along week 4

Posted by Ruth on 24 March 2014 | 1 Comments


This weekend I added the quilting to my challenge piece, but before I did, I needed to add a backing and batting. I figured seeing as I still had the large triangles left over from my instructions for the options, I should go ahead and use those to make up the back so I pieced the two large triangles together pairing up the opposite color sets, thus making two squares. These I pieced together but they were still not quite wide enough to make the backing so I added a couple of extra strips, one on either side.

With my backing, batting and challenge top sandwiched together, I could go ahead and begin quilting. I decided first to add those two applique shapes to the corners. I could have added them in the actual scrap sections before cutting them up - wish I'd thought of that earlier!

I decided to use the bright variegated thread I choose last week, to stitch the applique shapes on. 

I used the black thread to quilt a line through approximately the center of the black area and then I stitched another about 1/4" from it. I really liked the effect and decided to stop right there as it would have been lost if I had continued on. Sometimes "less is more". As you can see, I dragged the threads across the applique to keep a straight line. I'd better remember to trim those later!

I did go ahead and stitch in the ditch around the colored sections to make them pop.

What do you think? Should I had more quilting or not?

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  • Love the stitching in the middle. If you did add more quilting I would say maybe just echo those two lines.
    I am playing catchup and was wondering if there was a fifth week link I am missing or did we get a week off? Sending my photos soon as our internet guy is done today.

    Posted by Kay Chavez, 31/03/2014 3:01pm (7 years ago)

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