My May Stitch Along week 3

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I'm having fun with stitching this week, that is of course, after I cut up my blocks. After carefully stacking the two blocks exactly on top of each other, I made three cuts through them. Then rearranged them so they alternated from light to dark all the way around. This is how they looked:

Block 1

Block 2

I carefully placed the pieces on batting and backing, then got the machine set up. I decided to use this stitch rather than just a zigzag.

fancy stitch

Then went ahead and joined the sections together. Here's how one block looked:

first block stitched

In some places the pieces pulled apart slightly, but this isn't that noticeable. Luckily I had light fabrics. I can see if I was using dark fabrics I would need to use a dark batting. Of course, I could have also used fusible to adhere the pieces in place first. 

Now I swapped over to free-motion stitching. First I stitch around the light sections of the tree with a light thread.

free-motion on light sections

Here's a closer look:


And then I stitched around the dark sections with a darker thread.

free-motion on dark sections

To finish off, I used an even darker thread to outline all the sections of the tree. Here is a close up.

closeup of darkest stitching

Here's how both blocks look now:

block 1 stitched

block 2 stitched

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