February Stitch Along Rules Week 1

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February marks Valentine Day so let's include something with this month's challenge - but only if you want to. If you are really not into Valentine's then there are alternatives. I'm going to include a heart for Valentine, but in addition I've included a star template as well. You can select either.

First things first. Step One: This month is going to be based on "recycling". It can be something used or already made but unfinished, like a block or a small quilt or even a finished quilt you don't like. But be prepared, if it is a quilt - not finished or unliked, you won't just finish it off for the challenge, you need to change it, cut it or transform it into something it wasn't meant to be. If you are using a used item, it needs to be cut in some way - any way you like.

Step Two: Collect a few fabric scraps, threads and embellishments or anything you think might work with your used item.

Step Three: Download and print out the pdf pattern I have included here. Use the heart or the star.

Heart template to download

Step Four: Decide on something Valentine - this might just be the heart from the pattern in step three, or you might add a red rose, or chocolate or red fabric. Anything that you might label as "Valentine".

I hope you'll join me for some fun!

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