January Stitch Along Rules Week 3

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For week three in our January Challenge we will add stitching and if you are like me and not yet put your layers together, then that will need to be done as well.

The challenge for this week is to add something associated with the number "3". It might be that you add 3 elements, 3 embellishments, 3 different colored threads or even one thread with 3 different colors or just the number or word. Maybe you already have something included that suggests three. For example, if I had made three lists and added them, that would count as three elements or if my date stamp included the number 3, that could count too. I don't think it does by the way!

The fun about these challenges is I hope to try to expand your creativeness so if you don't do exactly what the challenge states, that's no big deal as long as you are having fun creating. Gin has been stitching along this week with a couple of projects. Here's the first.

"My goal is to sew more. So my word is 'Sew'. I used the Spool of thread and tape measure for this; New, I used my Swedish pattern paper for the first time to make the tape measure; Neutral, are the white and sand fabrics; Blue is the thread on the spool. My spool of thread also represents something Round; and the thread could represent Dark too."

Gin's Jan Stitch Along - pieced cotton reel and applique tape measure

Gin's Jan Stitch Along

Gin this is a really cool block. I can see you coming up with more sewing type blocks to make a whole quilt - what fun!

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