My January Stitch Along Week 4

Posted by Ruth on 24 January 2016 | 1 Comments
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It's a good thing we have another week for this challenge because I never managed to finish! But that's okay, I will next weekend. You see, I decided that I would make my project into a book cover for a journal I had, which I plan to use for writing my lists in. I think it will be easier to keep my lists all together that way, and next year I can change out the journal for a new one - if it is full.

journal to cover

So all this meant was that I needed to make a back for the journal because what I have done so far just isn't big enough to go around the entire book. I set to making the back. I could have made it plain with the same dyed fabric used on the front, but that seemed a little too easy.

hand dyed fabric over white on white

Then I thought back to last month's challenge and remembered how Barbara had colored in a fabric print. That might be a good idea.

Barbara Frohne dec challenge fabric

Barbara's colored fabric

I could still use the dyed fabric and color in sections - it is light enough to do that.

I began coloring with a similar purple shade as was in the fabric, then added orange, yellow and some green.

coloring fabric with crayons

More green was added along with blue and red.

more coloring fabric with crayons, red and blue added

This was fun but the flowers and leaves weren't defined all that well so I decided to layer the fabric with batting and backing as I had for the front section and quilted it using the same colored threads as the crayons I'd colored with.

I started with the purple and orange flowers - what a difference!

free motion stitching around orange and purple flowers

Yellow stitching was added.

free motion stitching around yellow flowers

Here's a closer shot....

closeup of free motion stitching around flowers

... and then red was stitched in.

closeup of free motion stitching around red flowers

Lastly blue and green were stitched. I added a green stem up the middle of the leaves and in some cases I made the leaf shape go in the opposite direction as was printed. It's hard to pick up, but one of these leaves is in the bottom left corner of this close up photo.

closeup of finished free motion stitching around flowers and leaves

... and this was the overall shot of all the stitching completed.

all free motion stitching and coloring completed

Now I've created my own unique fabric. I could expand on this easily!

I didn't fill in the entire back. It was more of an experiment to see how well it turned out - I was surprised. Next week I will put it all together to make my journal cover.

Gin also sent in a photo this month. Here's what she says about her challenge piece:

"My three are the scissors, needle & thread, and thimble; stitched through tracing paper. The thread in the needle is blue, but it doesn't show up too well. I am saying "what if" to coloring in the handles on the scissors. The cross stitching was hand done in 3 different color DMC threads, it adds a little color to the piece. Bias tape was used on the other side. I added a strip of the reverse of the sand fabric on the spool thinking it would look like the thread was running out and help to breakup the blue some. It's been interesting and a learning exercise for me!"

Gin's January Stitch Along with stitching added

Gin's Stitch Along project

Great job Gin! What fun...

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  • That coloring on fabric is addictive. Now I may have to go back and do some more stitching on the sample you posted. It is going to be a pillow. I will send you a picture of another project I have finished since then. What fun

    Posted by Barbara, 25/01/2016 11:54am (7 years ago)

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