October Stitch Along Week 2

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Did you gather some baby theme fabric? Do you have some ideas to work with? I hope so.

Isabella's room with fish deco on wallOctober Rules week 2

Continuing with our baby theme, think of someone you can relate to. It might be your grandchild or a work colleague who is expecting, or even a small child next door! With someone in mind, try to connect your theme ideas from last week in some way. For example, if I was thinking about my nemo fish, that might work well for my granddaughter who has a fish deco on her wall... I'm not sure her mother would agree however seeing as the colors are nothing alike! 

Build a block around your ideas using your selection of fabrics. See what you come up with. Remember, you don't have to stick fast to what you have. Add extra fabrics if you need and eliminate others. Don't forget, you'll also need a backing fabric and some form of batting.

Now I'd better get my thinking cap on seeing as I'm running a tad late again this week! 

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