October Stitch Along Week 3

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These weeks certainly come around quickly! Did you manage to connect the selection you collected in week 1 with someone you were thinking about in week 2? I think the alphabet quilt certainly helped me. In fact, I had so much fun putting it together that I decided to make a second block. I'll tell you about it below, but first what's in store for this week?

Week Three Challenge Rules

It's all pretty simple this week. All you need to do is any stitching. Stitch down your applique if you have it. Layer the block if you wish - depending on what you are thinking of making - and add quilting if you desire. Anything stitching with just one rule. Somewhere in the stitching you have to represent the baby theme. For example (using nemo again) I might include a small border and quilt nemo fish around it.

Or my meandering might include little fish shapes like those I've made here...quilted fish in stipple

or how about a wave with fish...quilted fish in wave

Be sure to do a little practice first!

So by the end of the weekend, you should have all stitching and quilting completed. I hope I do, seeing as how I have two to complete now!

The second block I made was using the letter L from the alphabet pattern. I also used the lion for the block but for my block I enlarged it. I just used my graphics program to enlarge it, but I could have easily used Posterazor too. That's one of the free programs I teach about in my class Free Software for Quilters

To transfer the lines through the fabric, I held the applique section up to the window and used my favorite silver quilting pencil to draw them in. This made it much easier to place the mane and of course, I have lines to follow when I get to the stitching part.lion applique shape with lines drawn using silver quilting pencil

Here's my colorful lion block. I'm looking forward to doing the stitching on this. lion applique block with letter L

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