July Stitch Along Rules for Week One

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I have decided to change my Stitch Along programs a little. Instead of a new Stitch Along being presented every month, I will be doing each stitch along over two months, with rules one weekend - questions and answers included, and my project the next weekend plus any updates of photos for those joining in. This way you have more time to get the stitch along done and I have more time to present them. I hope to see more of you joining in.

For July Stitch Along, I have changed it a little more. This is going to be a finishing challenge. Why? because I noticed I had a number of challenge pieces recently that I didn't get time to finish so this will help me and hopefully give you some alternative ideas for finishing off your projects - and if we all share, we could have a whole list of possibilities so now is the time to try that finishing technique that you have always wondered about.

Week One Rules for July

couching around the edge of a small quiltYour challenge over the next two months is to discover and try at least four different methods of finishing a quilt, not including the standard binding techniques. To do this you will need to find at least four unfinished blocks or quilts. I always find it is best to post them upfront as that makes you commit to following through.

Week One: Use any method of finishing your first block or quilt EXCLUDING the standard binding methods, either straight or mitered, whether it be hand or machine binding. You are looking for a different method that you have perhaps never used before or maybe have used rarely or one you created yourself that is different from the regular binding methods. HINT: Remember, your method does not have to be a binding!

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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