July Stitch Along Rules for Week Three

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As a reminder, stitch alongs are now spread over two months instead of one, so there is always time to catch up if you missed a week or even the first 2. Join me in the July/August stitch and get some WIPs finished. 

facing hand-stitched in placeWeek Three July Rules

Remember the challenge over these two months is to discover and try at least four different methods of finishing a quilt, not including the standard binding techniques. Did you select your projects? I used a facing to finish my first quilt last week and hand-stitched it down this week. You can check out my facing instructions from last week here: Facing a Quilt

Week Three: Use any method of finishing your second block or quilt EXCLUDING the standard binding methods as mentioned for week one or the method you used last week. Try to use a method you perhaps have never used before or rarely. HINT: Remember, your method does not have to be a binding!

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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