My April Stitch Along Week 4

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This week I needed to make 'windows' in my cover fabric to see the best sections of my project. As I checked each project I noticed there were only a few areas that I really didn't want to highlight so I decided to do this a little different. I used the computer to help me determine where to place the windows.

I opened the three images of my projects in GIMP so they were all in different layers, but within the same image file. Then I added a fourth layer and filled it with white which will make my cover sheet. (If you have taken my "Free Software for Quilter's Workshop you will know all about layers - it's too big a subject to cover here!)

Because my cover sheet is on a separate layer, I can easily toggle it off and on as I work so I could see what I am doing on the projects - this really helped get the windows in the right places. I used the circle select to cut sections out of the white layer (which was on the top) by selecting and deleting that selected area. This worked really well so I have decided it would be great to include it in my advanced "Free Software for Quilters" workshop (which will be coming soon!).

A side note: I realize for many of you, that unless you work with graphics projects, this technique will be difficult to understand, but the process is rather easy once learned that is why I created the workshop. It has helped many so if you want to know more, head on over to and look for "Free Software for Quilters".

Anyway, back to my project.... I took some screenshots of what I did. Here are windows cut in the first project:

windows in first project of yellow flowers and silver leaves

and the second project...Windows in the second project of leaves

and the third...Windows in the third project of the tree trunk

I was having a lot of fun with this and the good thing is that if I cut a circle in the wrong place, I could easily use the 'ctrl-z' keys to undo or fill in the hole on the white layer - much easier than trying to put a circle back into fabric!

I decided to use the yellow flower project in the middle because I really think the flowers are the highlight, but I felt there needed to be some more windows because there was a little too much white space for my liking so I added more, this time just little ones.

extra smaller windows added

Now with the windows organized, I decided I would determine a fabric for the cover fabric. On the computer, I'd used white. I can easily change to any color I like with a click of a button. I tried black.

background auditions with black cover

I didn't like this at all. I tried other colors and soon discovered that lighter was better in my opinion. I even tried a textile fabric fill - another thing I can teach in my advanced class!

background audition with textile fill

I know I could be here for hours playing with these computer images! But it really is starting to get late and I hadn't even started on the actual creation yet so I printed out the finished layout on three pages, one for each project. There is a bit of a learning curve here as I forgot to measure the projects correctly and set the print height which resulted in my first image being printed too small. I soon fixed this and had my three printouts.

Now, time to check my stash to find my cover fabric. I believe I found the perfect one which I will use over all three projects!

light fabric for covering projects

Next, I trimmed the sides of my projects so they butted nicely together. I didn't worry about the top and bottom edges at the moment.

blocks are trimmed to butt up to each other

Then I lay the printouts over the top in the correct places, matching the circles to the areas of the project... and taped the printouts together. This makes an easy template.

paper aligned and taped together

And because I chose a light cover fabric, I could easily see the printed circles through it. This saves me getting out the lightbox!

background fabric shows colored circles when placed over printed paper

I draw the circles onto the fabric and cut them out. First the large (original) circles to be sure I still liked where this was leading...

large circles cut out of cover fabric

Then the small circles.

small circles cut out of cover fabric

Once they were all cut out, I pinned the cover fabric in place on top of the projects.

cover fabric pinned in place ready for stitching

It really is getting a little late so I need to stop for now. Thankfully we have an extra weekend this month so I'll be able to get the stitching done next weekend. It is actually an asset to be able to leave it for viewing a while as this gives me time to determine what and where I might stitch. Of course, I'll be starting in the middle by sewing around the circles. At this time I haven't decided whether to make three separate projects or leave it as one. Here's how it might look...

projects displayed separately

or vertically?projects displayed vertically

Oh, I rather like this at split levels...

projects displayed on split levels

What do you think?

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