My May Stitch Along for Week 2

Posted by Ruth on 15 May 2017 | 2 Comments


I've been having fun with this challenge! First up, I did a google search and came up with some really beautiful sunsets or sunrises. I picked one of the paintings from here: Google Search to provide me with inspired. There are many many beautiful images that it took me quite some time to chose. I even ended up watching a painting video which helped inspire my process.

I decided to draw the grid onto the paper side of the fusible webbing. I drew the lines 1" apart on a piece 10" x 8".

grid drawn on fusible web

I wasn't sure how well this would work, but I could see the lines on the other side of the fusible so that was good.

wrong side of fusible web showing grid on other side

Using the yellow squares, I pulled out the very lightest and positioned them in the center aligning them with the grid lines.

light yellow fabrics placed in grid center 

Continuing, I added the darker pieces in this group keeping the greenish pieces toward the outside edges. Next, I tipped out the red squares and began placing the orangish pieces first so it would blend through to the red.

orange fabrics placed next to yellow

I used the pinkish pieces at the bottom and the darkest pieces at the top.

pink fabrics placed next to yellow at bottom

Now I only have the blue pile left. I started with the purple shades to make the transition into blue....

pink/purple fabrics are placed next

...and continued into the darker blues to fill in the top. But the bottom part didn't seem to blend as well. 

blue fabrics complete the sky area

I think the line of change was too obvious so I went back to my stash and looked for a fabric that would bridge that gap. I found this one which I thought would work perfectly.

pink teal fabric strip

This strip I cut up into squares, similar size to what I had and placed it on first before the blues I had placed originally. It looks much better now!

entire background covered in small squares

So with all those little pieces in place, I carefully lay a piece of Baking Paper over the top and pressed it. I thought I gave it a good press, however when I flipped it over, some of the pieces on the left side fell off so I had obviously not pressed it enough! I put them back and gave it a good press before turning it over again and pressing. This time success!

The last thing to do now is to trim off any excess overlaps. I found a few but were not too worried about them unless they were very big as stitching will surely hold them down when I get to that point.

trimming raw edges sticking up from background

This was fun but I think it would be much better if it was bigger! What do you think?


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  • It was fun Lorraine! I used about 3 fabrics for each of the warm colors, yellow, orange, red and 5 for the blue, but remember this is just a small piece, if it were to be bigger, you'd need a lot more. My fabrics also had several colors in them so I found when I sorted them, some of the squares fell into a different color group.

    Posted by Ruth, 15/05/2017 4:53am (3 years ago)

  • This looks like a fun thing to try. How many different fabrics did you use for the colors?

    Posted by Lorraine, 15/05/2017 4:49am (3 years ago)

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