My May Stitch Along for Week 3

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This week is all about the border and I decided to make mine a little more interesting than a pieced border. The idea came to me one morning when I was capturing an early morning photo last week from my porch as the sun was coming up. That particular photo didn't work for the purpose of this task, but I remembered I had another I'd taken, that was similar, back in October last year. So this was the photo I used. 

early morning in October 2016 Auckland, New Zealand

My idea was to make an outline of dark trees to create the border for my colorful sunset. Rather than printing out the photo and hand draw the outline I did a much easier method which worked very well. It's actually a method I teach in my online workshop Free Software for Quilters which by the way is just one tool of one program I teach in the class - there are so many more things to learn in class! Today I'll show you how to create an easy line drawing in Inkscape. It was easiest to capture this by video so here it is.... 

What do you think? That was a very easy way to make an outline right? And best of all, I didn't waste a lot of ink printing out the photo. Here's how my printed page turned out.... notice it's reversed too which makes it real easy to transfer to fusible webbing.

printed template of outline using Inkscape to create outline

I traced this onto the fusible webbing omitting any of the very small sections and pressed that onto a very dark blue - almost a black blue - fabric.

fusible webbing pressed to back of black fabric

Then I carefully cut it out with my small sharp scissors. I also cut out any of those inner shapes so the background would show through.

sharp scissors are used to cut out along the line

I have to admit, this part was the most time consuming but it did look pretty cool....

shape is cut out ready to press in place for border

....and here is how it looks placed over my sunset.

 cut out shape is to background design

As you can see, I lifted it a little higher on my background because I decided to eliminate the blue area at the bottom. I'll trim that back later.

So now that I have two borders in place, I needed to put my thinking cap back on and decide how to make the other two borders without a straight edge. I came up with an idea. I used the cutoff pieces and positioned them around the top and left sides to give that jagged edge. I needed to add a little more in places but this is what I ended up with.

extra cut out shapes are added to complete border

What do you think? I think it turned out better than I imagined and cannot wait to start the stitching. See you next week!


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