My Stitch Along August Week 2

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It wasn't until the very last moment that I actually decided which piece to finish. I looked at my free block and decided that would look better with some more quilting on it. I looked at Moon Lake and was not sure what sort of finishing I would do so that left me with my Halloween Pumpkin.

My thought was to do a free-motion finishing which actually works well with my free-motion applique technique I used for the pumpkin. It works with either a straight raw edge or curved raw edge, and although I thought this piece would probably suit a straight edge because of the straight border, I decided to go against the grain so to speak, and use a curved edge instead. I was pleasantly surprised with the result! 

So this is how I made my curvy raw edge finishing...

I started by cutting four strips of black fabric about 2 1/2" wide. I cut two strips the width of the quilt and two strips the height plus about 3/4".

I used the width strips first, sewing them right side down onto the back of the quilt, making a 1/4" seam. Then I pressed from the back, pressing the binding over the edge of the quilt. I lay this down on the cutting board and rotary cut a wavy line along it making sure not to get closer than 1/4" to the edge of the quilt - this is because when I fold it over, I want to be able to cover the stitching.

a wavy binding cut

With the wavy edge cut, I pressed the binding over the front border and free-motioned it in place along the edge and just off the edge - so a double stitching.

wavy binding folded over and stitch

I repeated for the opposite side using the second black strip.

opposite sides completed with wavy binding

For the remaining two sides, I did the same except I made sure the binding strip was centered thus leaving a small overhang on both ends.

extended ends on binding

After cutting the wavy edge, I folded the overhang in first giving it a good press so it would hold as I folded the binding over the raw edges into place.

extended ends folded over

Again I double stitched it in place - it was very easy and is rather a cool technique I think. Now I'm wishing I had used a curved edge on the other side of the orange border!

Halloween Pumpkin finished

To finish off, I hand stitched at the corners where the overhang was turned in, just to keep it neat and aligned nicely.

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