My Stitch Along July Week 4

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This week I am going to do another type of facing which is quite different to my last one. I would only use this method for small quilts but I have used it to make cushions too. There are some really good advantages such as, completely no hand stitching, very easy to attach a label by machine and very easy to add additional quilting if you decide to afterward.

The piece I am going to finish this week is my Stitch Along project from May (find instructions to make this). First I decided to add a little more to it by bordering it with some dark blue fabric.

borders added to scene

This type of facing covers the entire back of the quilt so requires more fabric hence the reason I would only use it on small quilts. I needed two pieces of fabric the same size as the back. These are folded in half, right sides out and pressed.

two backing squares folded - right sides out

Note: If making a cushion, the two pieces should be slightly bigger so they overlap.

The two folded backing sections are placed on the right side so the folds meet in the middle - or overlap if making a cushion. The picture shows how I overlap it for a cushion. It only needs 3/4 of an inch at most.

two backing squares overlapped at folded edge

If I was making a cushion, I would add a button, domes or velcro to the overlap to hold it closed over a cushion inner. It is best to attach these first before stitching the facing in place.

Next, I pin the facings in place adding extra pins where the facings meet or overlap....

back facing pinned at overlap

... then I stitch completely around the outside taking a diagonal stitch across the corners. Once complete, I trim the corners to reduce bulk.

corners trimmed to reduce bulk

Now time to turn it in the right way.

scene turned right side out

At this point, it needs a good press. Make sure everything looks square and aligned - it is very easy to make any adjustment!

As a final touch, I added a straight line of quilting around the navy blue border with a bright variegated thread. I feel this breaks down the border just enough and brings the colored area back into proportion. Alternatively, if this was a cushion, I could do the same to make a flange. I also added the horizon line that I'd mentioned at the end of the May Challenge.

scene finished with more quilting

 Now I am so pleased to have a second piece complete. How are yours coming along?

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  • Valerie, you don't have to have the opening, it can be closed as well. It's just another way to finish a quilt. One thing though, if you realize you made a mistake, it may be easier to fix if you had an opening :)

    Posted by Ruth, 27/10/2017 4:47pm (5 years ago)

  • I'm sorry I'm late to the party. But was wondering, if you are not making a pillow cover what is the purpose of having an opening in the back?

    Posted by Valerie, 22/08/2017 12:52pm (5 years ago)

  • Good luck with moving Barbara. It is always a good feeling to clean out, it can be a big job though! I hope it is all successful for you and you are soon back sewing.

    Posted by Ruth, 26/07/2017 1:31pm (5 years ago)

  • So glad you are doing this challenge. I will find it after I get settled. Currentlly involved with moving from my large home and lot to a condo. So far, it feels like the right decision. Parting with unused stuff feels as good as losing weight.

    Posted by Barbara Frohne, 26/07/2017 10:58am (5 years ago)

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