Stitch Along Gallery - August 2015

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Here is August's stitch along gallery. You can join in the fun any time you like. Here are the links to each set of rules as they are posted:

Gallery Images for Week One

Sandy joined in this week and sent along a colored page. She used crayons for her coloring tool.

sandy's colored page

Sandy's colorful page

I used Sharpie pens to color in my pages. You can read about it in my first blog post for this month's challenge.

Ruth's 3 colored pages

My coloring pages

Gallery Images for Week Two

Sandy has cropped out an interesting section of her design, printed it and chosen fabrics too.

sandy's printed design with fabrics

Sandy's stitch along

I printed my cropped image and also selected fabrics. Just three for this, but do check out my blog post for instructions on how to create a digital window card for design selecting.

My printed design with fabrics - red, black and white

My stitch along design and fabrics

Gallery Images for Week 3

Sandy used fusible webbing to attach her pieces in place.sandy's stitch along with applique sections fused on background

I am using a method of machine applique that I don't often use any more, but it was good for me to compare my notes. You might like this method if you don't like raw edged applique. Instructions on how to prepare the shapes are described in this week's blog post.all applique section have edges turned under and are positioned on background

Gallery Images for Week 4

Sandy used blanket stitch to attach her pieces. Here is a closeup of her stitching.

closeup of blanket stitch by machineAnd here is what the whole piece looks like...

Sandy's stitch along project stitched with blanket stitch

Sandy's stitch along

My stitch along has the pieces attached by invisible machine applique. A technique I don't use often these days, but still a great technique that resembles hand applique but is achieved a lot faster. You can read about this technique on my last blog post.

all pieces stitched in place using invisible machine applique

My stitch along piece

Have you tried blanket stitch or invisible machine applique? Both methods are fun and achieve great results.

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