Stitch Along Gallery - January 2015

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Great to see Barbara and Jennifer joining in with the stitch along this month. I hope some of your others will too. Yes, welcome back Amanda and Carol is joining us too. If you missed the rules you can find them below 

Gallery Week One

Barbara Frohne sent in a photo for the gallery. She has chosen black for the dark and two wonderful greens for cools. Pretty!

barb stitchalong jan w1

Barbara's fabric selection

Jennifer Houlden has also sent in a photo. I love those variegated threads! Perfect. You can read more about Jen's selection on her blog.

jen stitchalong jan w1

Jennifer's fabric selection

My selection is a black (that almost reads grey) for the dark and blues for my cool color. I also chose variegated threads to work with. You can read more about it on my blog post.

stitchalong jan w1 gallery

My selection of fabrics and threads

Amanda Maxwell also joined in for the new challenge. With two new Grandbabies last year, I hope she keeps up <grin> Here are her fabrics and threads.

amanda stitchalong jan w1

Amanda's fabric and threads for week one

Carol Esch also joined us this month. Here are her fabrics and threads.

carol E stitchalong jan w1

Carol's threads and fabrics

Week Two Gallery Pieces

Carol sent along two images of her block. A close up:

carol E stitchalong jan w2a

Closeup of Carol's block with stitching

and the finished block. I can see she had a lot of fun.

carol E stitchalong jan w2

Carol's block

Barbara also sent in her block. She used a variegated thread which worked really nicely.

barb stitchalong jan w2

Barbara's block

Jennifer made her block like a wreath, cool idea!. She blogged about her challenge entry, you can read about it here: Jennifer's blog

jen stitchalong jan w2

Jennifer's block

And here is my colorful block. Read about my haha! moments in my blog post

stitchalong jan w2 gallery

My block

Amanda's sent in her week two stitch along piece. It is amazing how each and every block is different!

amanda stitchalong jan w2

Amanda's block

Week Three Gallery Pieces

Barbara was really prompt at getting her pieces done this week. She made the second block and cut up all the pieces.

barb stitchalong jan w3

Barbara's pieces

Amanda cut up her block and sent me in a photo.

amanda stitchalong jan w3

Amanda's pieces

Jennifer also sent in her pieces, a little different than the rules, but that's just fine. The whole idea is to get a little creative. Check out her blog post.

jen stitchalong jan w3

Jennifer's pieces

And here is my pieces which you can read about on my block post. Can you see the booboo I made?

stitchalong jan w3 gallery

My colorful pieces

Week Four Gallery Pieces

What a lot of fun this turned out to be. Everyone did something a little different which is totally awesome!

Barbara added colored borders to her piece and used the extra bits to make two greeting cards. Great idea.

barb stitchalong jan w4

Barbara's challenge and cards

Amanda bound hers off using two different fabrics to make as a pot holder, but she says, she probably won't use it as such just in case it gets dirty.

amanda stitchalong jan w4

Amanda's challenge piece

Jennifer sent in her piece. She veered off the foundation block and came up with her own creation. You can read about it on her blog.

jen stitchalong jan w4

Jennifer's creation

And mind is all complete with a different kind of binding. Check out what I did on my latest post.

stitchalong jan w4 gallery

My stitch along piece

Another challenge is done and I'm looking forward to beginning a new one. Hope you'll be joining me.


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  • Oh dear, not another project and I haven't finished my Day in the Country yet, nor my granddaughter's quilt, nor ... However, I'm off to find some scraps now and look forward to seeing what happens next.

    Posted by Kate Crombie, 08/01/2015 12:46pm (8 years ago)

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