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A new gallery for July Stitch Along. July is a Christmas theme so why not join in? Jennifer Houlden has already so I'm sure I'll also receive your entries soon too. If you missed week one rules, you can find them here: July rules for week 1

Week One Gallery

Here is Jennifer's collection on her Christmas theme and you can read about it on her blog.

Jennifer's collection for July

I probably didn't need all the fabrics I pulled so just put some in my gallery collection - still have way too many! You can see what else I selected on my latest blog post.

My fabric collection

And here are some of the embellishments I may use - or not :)

My thread and trimming collection

Elizabeth Levesque sent in a photo of her selection. I'm not sure of the size of the angel, but it may be a little large for this challenge, we'll see how it goes.

Elizabeth's collection

Kay Chavez sent her Christmas selection along. What cute fabrics.

Kay's Christmas fabrics

Week Two

Just in case you missed rules for week two, you can find them here: July week 2 rules

Jennifer made a snowflake for her shape. It's about 5" high. Check out her blog post.

Jennifer's snowflake

I made two, a gingerbreadman who stands about 4.5" high...

My gingerbreadman


... and a bell which is 5" high. Check out my blog post on how I drew these.

My bell

Kay also drew up a gingerbreadman, modifying her mother's cookie cutter to match her fabrics. Her gingerbreadman stands 5" tall.

Kay's gingerbread man shape

Week Three

If you missed Week Three rules, you can find them here: Week Three Rules

Jennifer made this cute looking shapes. What fun colors! Read about it on her blog.

Jennifer's Christmas shapes

I had fun putting quilting and then cutting out these Christmas shapes. Read what I did on my latest blog post.

My Christmas shapes

Week Four

Elizabeth turned her angel into a Christmas Stocking. It's much larger than our small shapes, but hey, you need to be able to get some good sized gifts in there!

Elizabeth's Stocking

Here are my finished pieces. I made them both into 3-d Christmas decorations and was rather surprised how well they turned out.

My 3-d Christmas decorations

I also included my video here so you could get to see all around it, but you can also check out my blog post to see how I did this. My July Stitch Along week 4 post

Click here if you can't view it

Jennifer also sent her finished decorations in too! Check out her blog post.


Jennifer's finished Christmas Decorations

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