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Here is our Stitch Along gallery for the month of June. I hope to see plenty of entries this month as this is a fun one for sure. If you missed the rules to get started, you can find them here: Week 1 rules and Week 2 rules

Week 1

Gin Keim sent in her stripped fabric with background. Gin used Joen Wolfrom's "Color Play" book to help her get the colors right - they look great! She has also decided to enrol with Lily Kern's "Creative Color" class at the Academy of Quilting which starts on the 13th June (next Friday) - another great way to learn about color.

Gin Keim's stripped fabric and background

Jennifer Houlden also sent in her block of fabrics. She used squares to make up her piece. They look great too! You can read about it on her blog.

Jennifer Houlden's fabric made of squares

My fabric block was made up of strips which I actually found in my block bin of unfinished things. Glad I could use it up in something useful. Check out my decision for the background: My Stitch Along week 1

My stripped fabric with background

Barbara Crompton also joined in. She found strips in her stash that went together nicely and chose a background to go with them.

Barbara Crompton's stripped fabric with background

Kay Chavez posted her start, let's see what she does with these triangles! Kay says: "Dog ears I have left from a Quilt of Valor in blue/star and eagle camouflage from Stonehenge and the background was for another challenge quilt that is rustic red with tiny cream stars. Starter shape is obviously triangles."

Kay Chavez week 1 pieces

Kay's pieces stitched together

Week 2

Gin Keim sent in her shape cut from the fabric made last week and has it appliqued to the background. Very cute Gin!

Gin's Tropical fish

Jennifer Houlden made circles from her fabric. You can read about it on her blog.

Jennifer's circles

A closer look - those squares in the circles play well together!

I also made circles, big and small. Read what I did on my Sunday blog post.

My circles and stripes

Barbara Crompton sent in her work too. This chain effect looks great.

Barbara Crompton's chain

Kay - "since the 'dog ears' made for some really small pieces and tons of seams, I needed to go larger with the pieces so I have two ovals different by about 2". I used a decorative stitch which mimicked the stars/starburst to me."

Kay's ovals

Week 3

Barbara sent in her progress. She chose black for her color and make parallel lines, changing the direction within the chain.

Barbara added quilting

I used purple for my color and used straight lines within circle shapes. Read how I used freezer paper to achieve this on my recent blog post.

My straight quilted circles

Kay used black thread and echo quilted the triangle shape from previous week 1:

Kay's triangles

And here is a close up of the quilting - awesome!

Kay's triangle stitching closeup

Week 4 & 5

Here is my entry for week 4 and 5. Be sure to check back later to see more entries.

My Stitch Along with a quilted bead trail - this coloring is a little more true to reality than the one above! Read blog post >>

My stitch along with binding inserts - finished off with regular binding. Read blog post >>

Barbara Crompton sent in her finished piece and added triangle embellishments to enhance it. That's very cool!

Barbara's finished challenge

Kay added an embellished strip of twill tape and used rickrack in her binding - great effect!

Kay's finished challenge

Closeup of tape embellished

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  • Beautiful pieces. Isn't it amazing how the final quilting "makes" the piece?

    Posted by Barbara Frohne, 18/06/2014 10:40am (6 years ago)

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