My September Challenge Week 2

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Did you see the rules for this week's challenge? You can find them here: Week 2 rules

It is time to take my landscape that I made last week and cut it up. That could be a little scary. Oh well, nothing like getting on with it. I'm going to use my rotary cutter to make the cuts that way I can easily make curved cuts and still have nice clean cuts.

I made four vertical cuts. Two on either side so that there is a larger section in the center. I have decided not to make any horizontal cuts on this piece.

Before I cut out sections from the fabric I chose to join my pieces together, I'm going to see how it will look by laying the sections on top.

Hmmmm I'm undecided if I like this. I think I should try a few other fabrics to see what I think before moving forward.

How about this corncob fabric?

Or this blue leafy fabric - one of my favorite fabrics!

I like that, but let's try one more.

Here are the four fabrics I was auditioning. I think I like the blue best.

I used the cut landscape lines to cut out each section making them roughly 1 1/2" wide. I figured I can always cut them back if they are too wide. 

One of the reasons I made only slight curves was so the piecing was easy. I really didn't need to pin these which pleased me a lot. I'm not very good when it comes to pinning and will try all measures to avoid it. My first seam went together effortlessly.

I press the seam toward the fracture strip (plain section) and away from the landscape. This made it slightly raised and appears to be sitting forward from the landscape. I also decided it was a little too wide for my liking so trimmed off about 1/4" on the raw edge.

Now for the next section. That piece was just as easy to attach.

I continued on joining all the sections together and pleased I'd made everything a little larger. Now I have room to trim it all square without losing my landscape.

I was going to trim it up when the stitching was done but this piece just kept on screaming "border, border" so I had to add that too and of course, needed to trim it square before I started. 

I added a 3" borders and thought perhaps that's a little too large, however I can always trim it down later. My piece is going to end up larger than a standard page size, but that's okay. 

Let's visit the gallery and see what Jennifer has done: September Challenge Gallery



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