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This page is dedicated to our challenge pieces each week of September. You can find the rules for week one here >>

Here is my week one challenge piece:

Here is Jennifer Houlden's week one challenge piece:

Amanda sent in the landscape she made. She says "was fun!"

Amanda's week 1 challenge piece

Week Two Challenge Piece results:

Here is Jennifer's piece. I like what you did with your fractures Jennifer!

Jennifer's Challenge piece: Read more

Amanda sent in her challenge piece. Here's what she said: "Very stressful! It took me 5 days to even pick up the cutter, let alone bring myself to cut into my creation! But once I did it was very liberating - I'm busy planning other little pictures that I can cut into now :)"

Amanda's challenge piece

Here is my challenge piece.

My Challenge piece: Read more

Week Three Challenge Piece results:

Week three is about stitching. Let's take a look...

Jennifer added stitching along the raw edges which you can see in this closeup.

Close up of Jennifer's stitching

Here is how her piece looks. You can read about it on her blog: Jennifer's blog

Here is my piece which you can read about here: My challenge construction

My Challenge week 3

Amanda sent in a photo of her challenge piece too. Here is what she says: "This week I thought the colour was a little flat, too much green. So I added 2 borders and I'm pretty happy with the lift they give my landscape. Not so happy with the decorative stitching... Its a little too regular I think. And I was disappointed too with extra detail I added to the brown trees/bushes. I had beautiful silky, shiny thread which I thought would look stunning... but you can barely see it :( Never mind, live and learn - use fat chunky thread next time. After making my quilt sandwich I stitched in the ditch alongside my tree trunks and made them stand out a bit more. So far, so good :)"

Amanda's Challenge week 3

Week Four Challenge Piece results:

I added flowers and leaves to my border. Read my report here: My blog post

My week 4 piece

Jennifer added flowers to her scene and you can read about it here: Jennifer's blog

Jennifer's week 4 piece

and a closeup of Jennifer's tulips

Amanda added some white flowers to her piece. Here's what she says "This week I really wanted to do something with the brown areas, but nothing I tried looked right, so I went with "less is more" and settled for scattering a few white flowers in my grass :)".

Close up of flowers

Here's how Amanda's piece looks

Next week is the final Sunday for September, be sure to check back.

Week Five Challenge Piece results:

Amanda sent in her challenge piece. She says: "I decided I didn't need another wall hanging.... but I did need a new cushion cover, and here it is :)"

Amanda's Challenge piece

It looks great as a cushion Amanda. Fantastic idea! Here's a closeup.


Amanda's Challenge piece

I was also happy to receive Amanda's message: "This challenge has been great fun. I haven't done any landscape quilts before and I really enjoyed the creativity they force upon you :) I also liked getting something started AND finished in such a short time. Finishing is not usually my strong point :( I'm looking forward to seeing the challenge for October (I hope there is one!)".

 Amanda, there certainly is one. Glad you'll be joining in again. I agree, they are a lot of fun!

Jennifer also finished her piece which she named "Mountain Meadow". You can read more about on her blog.

Jennifer's Challenge "Mountain Meadow"

Here is my challenge piece complete. You can read my blog post on how I did that.

My finished Challenge piece "Peeping Out"

Be sure to tune in for the October Challenge! See you then.

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  • what a great and achievable idea......well done.

    Posted by Sally Jenkins, 01/10/2013 2:43am (8 years ago)

  • I love what all of you did, it was such fun and so interesting following Jen along that I came on here to see the rest. Congratulations to all, who knew it could end up so well!

    Posted by Juliet Wood, 29/09/2013 9:48am (8 years ago)

  • Hmmm, I am wondering too lol

    Posted by Amanda, 26/09/2013 8:12pm (8 years ago)

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