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Posted by Ruth on 25 August 2013 | 1 Comments
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This is the last Sunday in August so it should see your August challenge piece completed. I worked at finishing mine today and both Jennifer's sent me their finished pieces too. Here is how mine has ended up and you can see all three in the August Gallery.

I called mine "Hovering".

My August challenge: "Hovering"

As you can see, I added a dark binding that included frame-like corners. I have used this technique often for borders but never for a binding. Because my project is small, I cut small squares for this. I used the fabric I was planning to bind with which was the dark navy fabric I used for the shadows. I cut four 1 1/2" squares.

four 1 1/2" squares for corners

Easy to make, I just made snowball corners. That is, placing the square in the corner of the quilt (quilt is trimmed) and then stitching through the diagonal.

stitch through the diagonal

I press the inner corner over to the outer corner to form the triangle. 

press in half to form triangle

Now I can go ahead and put the binding on. When I first started, I was going to use a turn over binding and stitch it to the front so I stitched the binding to the back to wrap around to the front. Halfway through I changed my mind on what I wanted to do, but that was ok because it can still work this way, but ideally I would have stitched the binding to the front.

I used a square binding, just like adding a border. I turned under the raw edge, then pinned it in the corners and used clips along the edge to hold it in place.

press in half to form triangle

I then used blanket stitch to stitch around the edge. I used a lime green thread the same color as the background which made a decorative border design. I did not sew into the corner, but across the triangle. This gave me a little room to make any adjustment to keep the corners really neat. I hand stitched those in place. 

blanket stitch around the edge

Remember to check the gallery for all three designs: August Gallery.

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  • Really like "Hovering". In particular I love the way you did your corners and will certainly have a go at that myself sometime. I'm wondering if you cut away the lower half of the snowball corner or if you left it intact to give it body? Anyway it looks great! Jennifer

    Posted by Jennifer Leslie, 26/08/2013 3:15am (8 years ago)

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