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Posted by Ruth on 4 August 2013 | 2 Comments
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I created this gallery page for the August Challenge Stitch Along Sunday

Did you join the challenge? Send me a photo so I can added it too. Need the rules? August Challenge rules

Week One Challenge pieces

Jennifer Leslie sent me her challenge piece. She says "This is really good fun and forces me to be a little more imaginative and use fabrics and colours which I tend to bypass (red is not my favourite colour hence that choice for my "ugly" or less pretty fabric".

Jennifer Leslie's challenge piece

Jennifer Houlden sent me her challenge piece too. You can see how she made it on her blog: Jennifer's August Challenge piece week 1

Jennifer Houlden's challenge piece

And here is my challenge piece. You can read about it here: My August Challenge piece week 1

My challenge piece

Week Two Challenge

Jennifer Leslie stitched in the ditch between her blocks and echoed around the shapes.

Jennifer Leslie's challenge

closeup of her stitching

Jennifer Houlden added some decorative stitching. You can read more about the process on her blog. Jennifer's blog post

I used echo stitching and circles in the background. You can read more about what I did here: My challenge week 2 

My Challenge

Week Three Challenge

Embellishment week.

Jennifer Leslie: "I received a bejeweller for Christmas and finally picked up the courage to use it on a piece!  (the silver Svarovski crystals).   I bought the little stars for another project which I didn't actually use then, but now seemed the right time. I have been desperate to use the very fine holey fabric for ages but never found the right occasion till now.  Well.... I think it is right.  Hope so anyway."

Jennifer, it's great that you're trying new things! Looking good.

Jennifer Leslie's challenge

Jennifer Houlden: You can read about her Stitch Along Sunday here: Jennifer's Blog

Rickrack was a great idea Jennifer and I really like those flowers.

My Challenge Piece: Check out my blog post here >>

Week Four Challenge - final addition

Jennifer Leslie used a technique she learned in my "Getting Started with Quilt Art" class - straight stitch close to the edge to finish her edges. She used a silver thread and metallic needle. She named her piece "Constellations".

Jennifer Leslie's "Constellations"

Jennifer Houlden used a no-binding method to finish her challenge piece. She called it "Flowers in the Treehouse". You can read more about it here: Jennifer's blog


I used a straight border with blanket stitching to decorate it and also added snowball corners to frame it. You can read how I did this on my blog post here: My Challenge


My Challenge piece "Hovering"

That brings us to the end of our August Challenge. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun. I cannot wait to get started on September's Challenge. I hope you'll join me. For details be sure to check in on Thursday.


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  • Love it!

    Posted by Bev Crouse, 26/08/2013 12:00pm (8 years ago)

  • These are fun! I would love to see a gallery showing the challenges collected from each month...

    Sorry I can't join the challenge at this time due to three classes on QU, plus some other pressing issues. ~Karin

    Posted by Karin E Weiss, 04/08/2013 7:25pm (8 years ago)

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