Stitch Along Sunday week 2

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How did you get on with last week's challenge and words? Did you put something together? If you haven't done so yet, there is still time. Check back to last week's post for details: Stitch Along Sunday week 1

If you got stuck on the words, here are some ideas to help you.

Blue: any blue fabric works, blue sky, blue water, blue bird, feeling blue (sad face) 
Round: round sun or moon, ball, balloon, round circles on fabric, objects around something
Time: daytime, spring time, sleep time, clock, watch, time piece
Plant: flower, petals, leaves, grass, fruit (comes from a plant), vegetable, leafy or floral fabric.

We had a number of questions asked last week - that's great. Questions are always welcome. Many asked if we were going to add more words this week (yes) or start a new project for the new words. I figured we would do a project each month, and if you missed one, you can always go back to it. The idea is to have some fun, get creative, see what others are creating and maybe learn a new skill or two, or practice some that you wish to improve. 

Here's Jen's creation from the words last week. She calls it "Midnight in the Desert". Mine is yet to be named! Check out her description on her blog: Jen's challenge piece

Midnight in the Desert by Jen

Jen has also set up a Stitch Along Sunday party so you can share your creations if you have a blog. Check that out and add the button to your blog. Send a photo too, we'd love to show others. Here is the link to the Stitch Along Sunday party week 1 and if you need more info about the party follow this link to see: how the party works Stitch Along Sunday party 

Week Two Rules and Words

Since I had so many words listed in the comments last week and on other lists, I have picked three words for this week. You can choose just two of those words to add to your project or you can use all three. The only other rule is, one of those words needs to be represented by stitching.

This week's words are: Spin, flicker, free

You can add more applique if you like or use all words for stitching your project. Remember to add a backing first.

I have used all three in my project to give you an idea. Here's what I've done.

I started the week by stitching down my applique shapes. You can use any method you like. I used "free"-motion stitching to do that. If you are not comfortable with free-motion, this might be a good time to practice.

Here's a closer look. I stitched around the edges twice.

I used silver thread with black in the bobbin to stitch a cobweb in my tree. The two threads create a "flicker" in the moonlight.

I could also say a spider "spins" the web too. I added some swirly wind lines, they "spin" leaves and objects in the air. I also added a little free-motion stipple to the moon.

Here's a closeup.

Remember, to check out the Stitch Along Sunday party week 1 and post your blog or photos.

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