Half Square Triangle Blocks for a new Quilt

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This week I've been making a new quilt using some of my blocks - I have lots of them! The design includes 12 blocks, four 10" square blocks and eight 8" square blocks. I decided to use my flower blocks for this quilt. These will work wonderfully although some blocks will be more suited to the 10" square size. This being said, it is easy enough to reduce the size of many blocks by simply printing the templates at 90% of the actual size.

I choose blocks that were in the pink and purple color range....

....and then chose the rest of my fabrics to work with those.

qu sq tri 2squaring quilt fabrics

Fabric choices for quilt

I started by squaring up my flower blocks to size. I used my 8" square ruler to position the flower in the center of the 8" block remembering I needed to add 1/2" for seam allowances too.

qu sq tri 3squaring block

centering design ready to trim to size

After I'd cut out all the sections, I set to creating the quarter square triangle blocks. Here's how I did that....

Step 1: Starting with two squares, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the lightest square.

Step 2: Align the two squares right side together and stitch 1/4" on both sides of the line. TIP: Using a smaller seam (less the 1/4") will give you more trimming room later.

qu sq tri 4sewing from line

Sewing seam parallel to line

Step 3: Cut along the drawn line. You can free cut with your rotary cutter or use the cutter with a ruler if you prefer.

qu sq tri 5free form cutting

Free form rotary cutting

Step 4: Press seam toward darkest fabric in each section. You have made a half square triangle block at this point. No need to trim yet! 

qu sq tri 6half square triangles

Half square triangle blocks

Step 5: Match the blocks in pairs according to the design and draw a diagonal line perpendicular to seam through one block.

qu sq 7tri drawing

Line drawn perpendicular to seam

Step 6: Match blocks with seams together so the seam allowance is on opposite sides (butting together) - to check you have this correct before sewing, fold the top block in half so seam meets seam. You should see 4 different fabrics.

qu sq 8tri checking

Checking before sewing

Step 7: Sew both sides of the line as you did in step 2.

Step 8: Before cutting apart, check again that you see 4 different fabrics when you open each section - it is easier to fix now if a mistake has been made! Cut along the drawn line using your preferred method.

Step 9: Press the seam allowance to one side. Trim the block square aligning seams with diagonal lines on the ruler as well as matching the center points.

qu sq tri 9squaring up

Matching seams to ruler lines and center points make perfect blocks

Now I have perfect 1/4 square triangle blocks and I can continue with piecing the rest of my quilt.qu sq tri 10finished blocks

I'm looking forward to getting this completed and the pattern published. If you want to hear when it is released be sure to sign up to my newsletter updates

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