A New Art Quilt Design with Sashiko

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I had a lot of fun with the Sashiko embroidery last week and in the short practice I did, I learned a lot so this week I decided to use it to come up with a new pattern design. I grabbed some black for the background because I wanted to stitch white Sashiko and also a brightly colored fabric that has been sitting in my stash a long time - one I love but have never found a use for.

sarahs garden fabric

Colorful fabric

To start out, I cut out a rectangle of black fabric for my background and drew some curvy lines where I want the Sashiko to go. Then I drew some petals on fusible webbing and pressed that to the back of my colorful fabric.

sarahs garden fused petals

fused fabric

One of the things I love about this fabric is how it changes colors so I knew my flowers would change too. It was fun watching the color emerge as I cut each out and placed it in a flower design at random - 5 petals per flower. I kept placing the petals in order as I cut them so you can see how the colors change around from one flower to the next.

I Sashiko embroidered the background first, then I used soft-edge applique stitch around the petals. It doesn't matter which way around you do it because both were stitched through layers. If I had hand appliqued the flowers, then that would have been done first without the layers. For the Sashiko, wherever I could, I started at the edge of the design. When I couldn't, I held the fabric tight so those first few stitches that didn't form well became my locking stitches. When I needed to end within the design, I cut the threads longer and pulled them through to the back to be knotted off.

sarahs garden

Sarah's Garden

My piece is finished and I've called it "Sarah's Garden".

This is an easy pattern which you can stitch by machine or by hand - pattern includes instructions for both. The piece finished about 15" x 20" but it can also cut down nicely to a 12" block and can also be used wonderfully as a border. All details and templates are included in the pattern for wall hanging, 12" block and adjusted 8" border design: Sarah's Garden 

Sarahs garden300

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