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Posted by Ruth on 1 May 2018 | 9 Comments
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Last week I posted a blog for a Flower Block competition - what a lot of fun I had collecting your suggestions in both email and blog comments. I've made a selection and begun work on the new flower - but I won't tell you what it is just yet! Perhaps you can guess from my fabrics...

fabrics for flower block

I'll give you a hint, it's not one of the flowers listed below that includes a photo!

Actually, I had so much fun with this that I'm going to continue the competition for a second block, but this block won't be made for a month or two which will give you all plenty of time to share the page with your friend so they can get in on the fun too. All those who entered last week will be included in the second block, and any new entries must not include any of the flowers already suggested (see below for the list) or already made on our BOW pages.

I took a lot of time to research the suggested flowers before coming to a decision for this first block.... and below are all the suggested flowers, some of which I have added photos for, collected from Wikipedia.

Here are all the flower suggestions...

Ailsa suggested Forget-me-not - Greek name Myosotis and also known as Scorpion grass.

Victoria, Dottie and Machell all suggested Lily of the Valley - my mother's favorite!

Kathy suggested Purple Phlox - Some flower in spring, others in summer and fall. Flowers may be pale blue, violet, pink, bright red, or white.

Moira and Joan both suggested Hollyhocks - is in the mallow family Malvaceae, which is actually the same family as the Malva block which I made in the BOW series



Elaine and Sue suggested Snapdragon - Antirrhinum and also known as dragon flowers

Karen suggested Larkspur (delphiniums) - which I thought were two different flowers but I soon learned they were not!

Robin suggested Stargazer Lily - another beautiful lily. I think lilies are almost one of my favorite flowers. 

Anita and Cynthia both suggested Lady Slipper - interesting to discover this was a type of orchid

lady slipper

lady slipper

Sue suggested King Protea - This was one flower I had not heard of so I took quite a lot of time to read about it.

Sabine from Germany suggested Gentian and Edelweiss - both mountain flowers

Victoria and Mary suggested Violets - or Viola, a mini version of pansy however pansies are known to be the multi-colored large-flower cultivars.

Tina suggested Bluebells - these tiny bell-shaped flowers are violet-blue, hence the name I would think.

Jennifer suggested Primula Viallii - although it looks very different, it is in the Primulaceae family as is my Primula block

primula viallii

primula viallii

Karen and Robin suggested Gerbera - one of my favorite daisies

Desiree suggested Camellia Magnolia - this flower has spectacular blush pink blooms

Stephanie and Joan suggested Lavender - who doesn't love the smell of these pretty purple flowers, but what I wasn't aware of is they are a species in the mint family

Dottie suggested Alstroemeria, Gardenia and Indian Paintbrush - Although I'd heard of Alstroemeria (a type of lily) and Gardenia, Indian Paintbrush was new to me. It is also known as Prairie-fire. I see why!

indian paintbrush

indian paintbrush

Victoria suggested Astilbe and Baby's Breath (Gypsophila) - Astilbe is also known as False Goat's Beard which is certainly an interesting name and Baby's Breath has such a delicate tiny flower.

Joan and Dottie suggested Bluebonnet and Texas Bluebonnet - I discovered is the blue lupins, I made a pink and purple lupin block

Machelle suggested Coneflower (Echinacea), Trillium and Dandelion - another favorite Daisy for me; another Lily and a wildflower we often see growing in our lawns.

Mary suggested Wild Garlic flower - although very pretty, this is one flower I'm highly allergic to because of its strong scent.

Jackie suggested Peony - colors range from purple, red to white or yellow

Debbie suggested Lisianthus, Liatra, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Hawaiian Plumeria - and yet another bunch of beauties!

BTW: a number suggested a carnation which is a Dianthus that I've already made.

So do you have others you can list? Check out my BOW block series and if they are not on there or listed above, then list them below in the comments... and if I select your suggestion to make, then I'll send you the FREE pattern.

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  • I don’t see peonies. Those are beautiful.

    Posted by Stephanie McCormic , 20/05/2018 12:49pm (4 years ago)

  • How about a thistle. Even weeds have flowers.

    Posted by Stephanie McCormic , 20/05/2018 12:47pm (4 years ago)

  • I have always loved sweet peas they smell so nice

    Posted by Christie, 16/05/2018 8:45pm (4 years ago)

  • I would like to suggest the Dogwood. It is the provincial flower of British Columbia, and it is easy to see why at this time of year. The trees are magnificent, covered in the creamy white blooms. The domesticated ones also come in a rosy pink.

    Posted by Helen Myers, 16/05/2018 12:55pm (4 years ago)

  • How about trillium? In any of their colors.

    Posted by Judy Flanders, 15/05/2018 12:02pm (4 years ago)

  • Lilac, and I am in love with the Plumeria Metallica Thai

    Posted by Marsha Bradford, 03/05/2018 12:46am (4 years ago)

  • Both Protea and Lavender are listed above :( but the others aren't :)

    Posted by Ruth, 02/05/2018 9:33pm (4 years ago)

  • I would like a Protea or Warratah

    Posted by Noela Craft, 02/05/2018 9:25pm (4 years ago)

  • you don't have the lavender flower, or apple blossom, or chrry blossom

    Posted by Heicke, 02/05/2018 6:25am (4 years ago)

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