Christmas Decorations Revisited

Posted by on 25 November 2019 | 1 Comments

Over the past few weeks, I've been giving suggestions on how to make some gifts to give. These included some of my applique designs - many of my applique blocks can be made into any of the ideas. 

Today I'm going to revisit one of my 2014 blog challenges to make Christmas decorations. You may remember this!

3-d Christmas decoration

I've decided to make bells and gingerbread men today with a few more additions. I started out by drawing 6 gingerbread men and 6 bells onto a Christmas fabric - I chose a light-colored fabric to make it easier to see!

christmas decoration 1fabrics

Two light Christmas fabrics that compliment each other

With a second fabric and batting cut to the same size, I layering both fabrics together with the batting in between and stippled over it.

christmas decoration 2stipple

I stippled within and over the edges of the drawn designs

Now that the layers are stippled together, I can blanket stitch around the shapes before cutting out each section. I used a gold thread to do the blanket stitch and was surprised it didn't break, but the trick to that is - don't stitch too fast! Using a top-stitching needle (the needles with a larger eye) is also important as there is less friction on the thread.

christmas decoration 3blanketstitch

Two gingerbread men sections blanket stitched with gold thread

Notice how I have included the split where the two pieces are linked? For each pair, I need one with the split at the top and the other with it at the bottom. It's important to leave a small amount of space between the rows of stitching so the fabric layers here can be cut away. This space needs to be as thick as your fabric layer so the two pieces will sit nicely together.

Once cut out, I can slot to two pieces together. They should fold flat (great for storage later) and easily fold out perpendicular as well.

christmas decoration 4bell

Two sections slotted together and folded flat

I then added a few stitches to the top and bottom to hold the points together in the center, then using a thicker gold thread, I added a long hanging loop. On the gingerbread men, I added a wooden bead at the top threading the gold thread around and through the bead several times.

christmas decoration 5gingerbreadman top

Wooden bead with gold thread

For the bells, I added a tassel and bead to the bottom instead.

christmas decoration 6bell tassel

Wooden bead and tassel at the bottom of the bell

christmas decoration 7bell finished

Bell finished

And here are my six decorations...

christmas decorations

My 2019 Christmas Decorations

Here's a new video auditioning them!

Have fun making your own. I used cookie cutters for my templates. Stars, Santas, and snowflakes make great decorations too! 

Happy Quilting!

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