Homecrafted Giftbags and Cards are the Perfect Finishing Touch

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To round up our Christmas series of blog posts, I wanted to include reusable bags and cards... and this is a fun activity if you want to get children or grandchildren involved - especially the cards. 

Reusable Bags

Stitching a reusable gift bag is very simple. A fabric rectangle needs to be more than twice the length OR height (plus some to go around) the gift and don't forget seam allowances - it's better to add more than not enough! Also include about 2-1/2" at the top to make a casing (this can be smaller depending on the size of the gift) and remember some ease at the top too so you can pull the drawstring closed so there is no peeking inside beforehand!

giftbag construction

Fabric is folded at base and enough fabric left at top for casing and ease. Allow for ease around the bag as well!

Start by heming the top first to make the casing, then sew the remaining two seams but remember to stop at the casing. Add a drawstring and you're done. Here's some Anita has made - reusable bags have been a tradition in her family for many years!


Anita adds some stitching to the center of the drawstring to stop it coming out - great idea. Or you can add 2 drawstrings, knotting the ends together like this small canvas bag I've made.

giftbag drawstring

To make Cards

Anita provided some instructions for card and also PDFs to print (download the PDFs below). You'll need to print these on card stock.

Christmas Tree Card

Baubles Card

If you involve your children, remember the trees are as individual as your children are. If they do not stay within the lines it will make each card unique.

The cards can be done a number of ways.

Tree card: Cut a slit down the center of the tree and then cut towards the branch tips - this seems to make it easiest to cut out.

cards tree

Next cut a piece of fabric for the tree. Use a bit of fabric glue to fasten it in place. A dot of glue on the tips of the branches would be a good idea.

cards tree cutout

After gluing the fabric in place you may wish to use something to stabilize the back of the fabric so that you can do some machine embroidery or add other embellishments such as buttons, beads, sequins, ribbon, and glitter. Iron-on stabilizer works well or if you are not stitching, simply glue on another piece a card over the back.

Add a bit of wood textured fabric for the tree trunk or add a holder of some sort. Fabric pens can be used to add details and any text you want to add.

cards tree decorated

Some fabrics may do well on their own. No embroidery needed.

cards tree decorated2

Ornament card: These are made in the same way by cutting out the circles and glueing the fabric behind them, however if you are working with children on these projects, to make it easier, cut the fabric and glue it on top of another piece of card.... This can be trimmed to shape and then your cut out card can be placed over it. 

cards bauble

For this ornament card, yo-yos would make cute ornaments or by adding a small amount of batting behind the fabric, the shapes will become 3-d.

If you put the fabric behind a cutout card, add a lining paper or more card stock behind the fabric for a nice presentation on the inside.

Have fun.... and yes, we'd love to see some you've made! 

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