Hops and Leaves

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Hops and leaves - what am I talking about? Part of Sue's adventure to NZ included me showing her where I was raised as a young girl. Although the house I lived in from 0-11 yrs old is long gone along with the hop farm I grew up on, the Liquid Amber Maple tree Mum planted when I was born is still going strong.

liquid amber tree

So what does this have to do with "What's Under the Needle"?

Well, in Sue's book, I created some fabric leaves and hops....

3 d leaves and hops

3-d leaves and hops

Ruth Blanchet's Pacific Aquarium workshop....using some of the techniques I teach in my Pacific Aquarium online workshop. In this workshop, you create a 3-D art quilt, either an aquatic scene as the title suggests or a garden scene. In fact, I am remodeling this workshop to include videos as I make some fun new ways to create 3-D objects. PS Previous students will have access to these too!

If you want to join me as I create my new 3-D garden, you can work with me by signing up for this on-demand workshop Pacific Aquarium. Come join me for some April Creativeness!

aquarium window

quilting classes available at the Academy of Quilting

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