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When I first started teaching quilting at the beginning of the century, I was asked to design a simple stained glass poppy for a class in Arizona so this basic pattern was born.

stained glass poppy

Original Stained Glass Poppy

It was a great class and everyone enjoyed making the poppy and learning the technique of stained glass applique. However, even to this day, the design never appealed to me. The lines were too simplistic and lacked character so this week I decided to revamp this pattern and make it more desirable - well I think so anyway. 

I altered the petal shapes on the large poppy, squished the smaller poppy a little and gave the leaves better curves.

Then I added the new version to the pattern along with new instructions but I decided to leave the existing design and instructions there too just in case a complete beginner wants to use the original design.

....Speaking of stained glass applique, my beginner's online workshop begins soon. If you'd like to join me you'll find lots of helpful tips and tricks along with other designs to make. You can find the details here: Beginners Stained Glass Applique

I'm not sure about you, but I definitely feel better about this pattern now and offering both versions for you to choose from is just an added bonus. Which one would you make?

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