Is it a Butterfly?

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This week I have been playing around with some kaleidoscope designs as I put together my newest e-book download. The designs were all generated by one image - an image with a butterfly and floral arrangement. Each design created is very different and in most, you cannot even determine there was a butterfly at all!

The fun thing about the designs I've included in my new book is there are multiple ways to use them - print them as is, color them, applique them, quilt them, enlarge them and even add more to them!

I quilted one...butterfly ebook quilted block

 and colored then printed another...butterfly ebook colored block

    which I turned into a block...butterfly ebook block with borders

       and then a quilt...butterfly kaleidoscope ebook quilt

If I'd wanted, I could even paint or color the fabric after I quilted it! Or perhaps, partially colored it to create a different look - endless possibilities.

What a lot of fun I've had creating one of the six designs in two different ways. Of course, if I colored it differently, I'd come up with a whole new block design too.

Want to join in the fun too? Check out my new e-book: Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

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