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Today I thought I would demonstrate how easy it is to quilt a design without marking your quilt top. I never trust those markers and even if I did, it can be quite difficult drawing on the fabric anyway. Drawing on tissue paper is much easier. 

Anita Eaton recently released a new pattern called "Wading Heron". It has cattails quilted on a while background which can mean any little mark might show up - an ideal time not to draw on your quilt top. Of course, the other thing is, if you are drawing your quilt design on, you need to do so prior to layering. This isn't appropriate in all cases.... so today, I will use Anita's cattail design from her pattern to quilt on white fabric for you to see how easy it is.


This method eliminates both the need to draw on your quilt top and the need to know what you want to quilt prior to layering. You can also alter the size before you even start if you feel that's what is needed... definitely a number of benefits! One thing to watch for though, is sometimes it can be a little fiddly getting the tissue paper out between quilting lines that are close together. A pair of tweezer certainly comes in handy.

Here's a photo of Anita's quilt "Wading Heron" and her new bird design "Night Owl".

Wading Heron red night Owl with borders

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