What's Under My Needle?

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What's under my needle this week? Well, this might be a familiar sight to many...

Bernina service2 

Yes, that's right, my machine has been in the shop for its yearly service. I cannot believe I've already had my machine for a whole year! So why should it need a service? It's always good to have the machine checked over, thoroughly cleaned and oiled and tested for any problems, just like a car. As it's a computerized machine, it also gets any updates to firmware.... and yes, there was an update available. 

The firmware includes improvements and fixes just like any software update, I have a printout of what they are and on reading through I noticed there was an additional stitch option added. Of course, I needed to check out what that stitch was because saying Stitch #1312 has been added doesn't mean a lot to me!

I found it located in the quilting section of the stitches - another blanket stitch option..... wonderful!

Bernina stitches

At first look, I thought it was the reverse of my regular blanket stitch, (by regular I mean, the one I tend to use over the others) .... #1309 which is a straight forward blanket stitch with no backstitching.... but no, it isn't. Yes, it is the reverse however it does do a backstitch along the outside edge. I like that as if I want to give a bit more depth to the edge, I now can without the added stitches to the bite (the stitch that swings inward). You can see what I mean in the top half of the photo below. My regular stitch is the one on the left.

Bernina blanket stitch

In the bottom half of the photo are the other two options for Blanket stitch. As you can see, there is quite a bit of backstitching to create these. Personally, not my preference but I'm sure they would be useful if you don't use embroidery thread for the stitching which would bulk up the stitches. I feel a bit too thick for embroidery threads though.

So after a year of using this machine (Bernina 570 quilters edition), I've been asked how well I like it. Honestly, I love it and can definitely recommend it. There are so many wonderful things about this machine and one of my favorites is the large bobbins.... although I do need to buy more of these! The dual feed option, the pressure foot pressure option, and the automatic threading are a few more things I love about this machine (there are many others, the list goes on....). There is one thing however I don't love and that is there is no manual way to lift the foot. You can only do it by pressing a button or using the knee lift. To me, this is annoying because the foot cannot be lifted without it making some mechanical noise (mostly annoying when I'm making videos for tutorials) and can only be lifted with the knee lift when turned off (which is not always convenient)..... so perhaps not necessarily annoying for you, but it is for me... however I have to admit, that is the only one thing (at this stage) that I don't like and for all the benefits, I can live with this one thing!

I'm off to start playing with a new design, what are you working on? 

Happy Quilting!

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