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I'm really excited about working on a new design although it is taking a little longer than inticipated with all that is going on lately! I decided though, that I should give you a sneak preview....

colorwash fabrics

A selection of fabrics

As you can see, I've been sorting out some fabrics. They include yellows, blues, and greens.... are you thinking color wash? Then you would be correct!

Yes, I'm working on another color wash flower quilt. If you have followed me for a while, you'll know that I've been known for these designs, publishing my first in early 2002. 

My most recent color wash is Wild Flowers made in 2016....

So I decided that it is definitely time to create a new color wash quilt. My progress thus far is to design and cut all the background pieces, and just because I cannot work on this continuously in one day, I packed all the pieces into little ziploc bags so I can keep them organized and be ready when I needed to start sewing.

colorwash squares

Cut squares organized in ziploc bags

I've managed to piece those together to create the background and currently up to the applique. Can you guess what flower I'll be making? The next photo will give you a hint!

colorwash hint

Getting ready to applique

I still have some adjustments to make on the applique design but I'm really hoping to have this finished in the near future for a publishing date next month. Let's see how the next few weeks go!

PS: If you'd like to check out all my color wash quilts, you can find them here: Color wash quilts

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